• Develop, propose and facilitate the application of the Events Industry Recovery Plan by the implementation of Rapid Antigen Tests.
  • Proof that the application of Rapid Antigen Testing into events increases the safety of both the event and the general population, for the following reasons:

  • · The early detection of active coronavirus infected people allows a fast cutting of the contagious chain. Consequently, transmission in population drastically decreases.

    · The more events, the more attendees will be tested through the Rapid Antigen Test, therefore, greater safety for the population.

    · Population benefits from greater security without the Administration incurring to any cost, since the cost of Rapid Antigen Tests is cared by the event organizers.

  • Show the importance of the Events Industry in the Catalan economy: Due to of Barcelona’s and Catalonia’s high capacity to attract World Fairs and Congresses and furthermore due to the high activity of corporate events taken place in the territory.
  • Visualize the high number of economic activities linked to the Events Industry and the serious economic impact: on employment, on talent and the lack of knowledge transmission due the non-holding of events.